It’s ALL about Peace of Mind

Join us on ALL the RAGE Radio as we explore all topics around anger, rage, and resentment… how to let go, how to forgive… and the health benefits for you and your family.

Our focus is to help you and your kids live a happier, healthier, more spiritually connected life.

Get insight from experts in all areas of life on how anger may be harming you and your family, and practical tips on what you can do about it.  Listen to the PODCASTS.

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PODCAST — Zentangle

Zentangle is an easy method of creating fun, simple to execute images from repetitive patterns.  It can increase your focus and sense of personal well being. Though it’s as simple as doodling, it allows you to create a lovely piece of artwork, and gives you the opportunity to deliberately create mood, and change your focus and your state of mind.  

For that reason, artist, author, coach, and devoted “Zentangler,” Jeanne Paglio says, “It is less expensive and more fun than therapy!”  

Today Jeanne gives us the details on the benefits of Zentangle, and how it can help you and your family achieve more health and happiness. 

Listen to the Podcast 

 Watch Jeanne’s video on creating a Zentangle


Jeanne Paglio

Jeanne Paglio is a published author, designer, and decorative painter with over twenty years of teaching experience.

 She is a guest lecturer at Rhode Island School of Design, and is in demand nationally as an instructor and speaker at conferences and seminars. Her background includes a degree in architectural drafting with fine arts studies at Rhode Island School of Design. 

Jeanne’s work has been published in magazines, and she’s co-authored several instructional painting books. As the “Business of Art Coach,” Jeanne helps other artists discover their strengths and develop their careers through licensing and publishing.

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The Power of Positive Words

Evangelist Joyce Meyer is doing a television series on The Power of Words. Her program, Six Things to Say on Purpose, Part 1, is particularly helpful for those who want a biblical point of view on changing your life with your words.

To watch the video, go to

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What will You Decide?

We’ve talked a lot about how powerful words are. They can set in motion a “cause and effect” cycle that can result in rage and resentment, or self control and peace of mind.

Words cause us to think certain thoughts. When you say or hear mean, hurtful words your thoughts often turn negative. Thoughts cause us to have certain feelings. Feelings cause us to make certain decisions. Decisions cause us to take certain actions. Actions repeated over and over cause us to form habits. (Have you developed a habit of rage or temper tantrums?) Habits cause our Character to be formed.

Life is a series of decisions. Decisions you make cause certain effects or outcomes. You can’t control what other people do, but when you decide to control your own words, thoughts, and feelings, you’ll become the person you want to be.

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Beat the (Holiday) Blues

While sorting through old books in hopes of de-cluttering, (It pains me to part with books!) I rediscovered Dale Carnegie’s How To Stop Worrying and Start Living. Although this was first published more than sixty years ago, it’s packed with timely advice.

Worry and anxiety can lead to depression, often described as anger turned inward. Especially at holiday time, the thought that others are merrily celebrating while you are worried about bills, family, poor health, etc. is enough to give you the blues. How do you stop worrying?

You don’t even have to try to stop worrying, Dale Carnegie says. Keep worrying if you like – and think about how you can serve others. The key is to focus every day on “how you can please someone.” When you do, anxious thoughts subside. Healthy optimism and a sense of joy and gratitude take hold.

Who will you serve today? How? What will put a smile on their face?  Think about it. Then do it. The result: health and happiness for YOU.

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PODCAST — Work Out Your Anger with Exercise

We’ve all heard exercise benefits our physical health. Did you know it can also help you deal with anger?

Anger and stress go hand in hand, and research has shown that exercise has a positive effect in reducing stress and depression.

A recent study, presented at the 57th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, suggests that there may be a link between exercise and reduction of anger in adults.

Exercise increases endorphins, serotonin and norepinephrine (anti-stress hormones) in the brain resulting in improved mood and overall good feeling.

Kathy Jordan, weight loss and fitness coach and author, gives us the details on the benefits of exercise, new research, and tips on overcoming anger and related negative emotions by choosing to be more active.

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Kathy Jordan, MS, RD, LDN, CPT

Kathy Jordan is a registered dietitian, National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, and certified wellness coach with over 20 years experience in nutrition, fitness, and behavioral weight management counseling. She holds B.S. and M.S degrees in Food Science and Nutrition as well as post graduate credits in Nutrition Education.

Kathy is the owner of body transformation by kjsm, where she helps women achieve their weight and fitness goals.

She’s also the creator of Fitting in Getting Fit by kjsm, a strength and balance training program, and the author of Below the Surface…Weight Loss Transformation by kj which helps people identify and overcome obstacles that keep getting in their way of weight loss success. It shows them the steps needed to lose weight and keep it off.


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PODCAST — Three Tips to Avoid an Argument

Do you ever wonder how a simple conversation turns to bickering and arguing?

Words are powerful. How you choose to word a request or a statement can make all the difference in the response you get. Will the person cooperate enthusiastically? Will you descend into bickering and arguing?

Susan Rooks, The Grammar Goddess, gives us three simple tips that will help you be a better communicator. Susan says if you are dealing with hurt feelings, misunderstandings, or negativity, “It might be because people aren’t communicating effectively. Most of us don’t know how to use language to gain a specific result, and we definitely don’t know how to listen.

We don’t always understand someone else’s body language or how to decode mixed messages. We’re wrapped up in our own little worlds; we’re often confused and angered by others’ unexpected responses to what we’ve said. We blame them; they blame us. Frustration and tension can grow.”

Listen to the Podcast


Susan Rooks, The Grammar Goddess

With 25 years’ experience in administration and management in the private sector, and 13 years as an international speaker and seminar leader, Susan Rooks is uniquely positioned to help people master the communication skills they need to succeed. She has taught in every kind of organization, from for-profit to government agencies, bringing her special blend of humor and energy to such topics as grammar and business writing.

Susan has taught programs in Australia, Bermuda, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, and South Africa. She has also worked in 40 of the 50 American states.

In 1998, Susan founded Grammar Goddess Seminars, which is dedicated to enhancing the communication skills of business professionals worldwide. She creates completely customized material, drawing from myriad references, personal experiences, and authorities all over the world.

Susan is also the Business Network Int’l (BNI) Regional Training Director for southeast Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In this position, Susan creates training materials for over 1200 members, trains other directors in the delivery of the programs, coordinates the training schedules, and leads regular and advanced training sessions for the regional chapter members.

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“Anger and Danger are one letter apart.”

This quote by Harvey Mackay has stuck with me. It’s a “cause and effect” world we live in, and anger is the cause for some dangerous effects.

What happens when you get angry? Adrenaline rushes through your body and makes your heart race. Your mouth may get dry and your palms sweaty. Your stomach may twist in knots, causing an upset in your digestion. Your muscles are energized. This is called a “Fight or Flight” response.

Obviously, there can be immediate danger when you fly into a rage. You can quickly get out of control. People can be seriously harmed physically and emotionally. Property may be damaged or destroyed.

But what about the long term danger? What do you think would happen if you felt this way all the time?

In the long run, when you don’t cope with rage and its cause(s), it can harden into resentment and bitterness.

Imagine that “Fight or Flight” response happening all the time. A bodily function that’s supposed to happen, and then resolve quickly, just keeps going. Your body will suffer from that stress and strain, and you can have long term or chronic problems such as ulcers, hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, heart attack, stroke, or immune system breakdown.

Of course, you can also experience emotional upset, frustration, anxiety and depression when you allow anger and resentments to fester. You may become bitter or withdrawn. You may be critical of others, or develop sloppy habits. You may turn to emotional eating, alcohol or drugs to stuff down or suppress negative feelings.

All good reasons to remember “Anger and Danger are one letter apart.”

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Thanksgiving Every Day

Gratitude changes your mindset. Have you noticed it’s impossible to be grateful and angry at the same time?

We’ve all heard “your thoughts create your future.” Everything begins with a thought. Focusing on the positive can help you brush aside the negative. Do that enough and you can change your life.

Try making a simple gratitude list each day. Just jot down five things you’re thankful for. If you are inspired, you can list more. The important thing is to start. (Take action!)

Thanksgiving is a great time to begin. Grab a notebook and go. When you look back a year from now, you’ll notice the difference. You can change from a “glass half empty” person to a “glass half full.” Or maybe even a “glass over-flowing!”

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PODCAST – Quell Sibling Rivalry and Create Family Harmony

Do your kids drive you crazy with their fighting and arguing?

Identical twin sisters Heather Kempskie and Lisa Hanson have first hand experience in the battle to overcome sibling rivalry and achieve harmony at home. The sisters now both enjoy successful child-related careers, a close relationship, and families of their own.

Now they share with us their insight and expertise on the importance of the sibling relationship and how to create family harmony.

Listen to the Podcast

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Heather Kempskie & Lisa Hanson
Heather Kempskie & Lisa Hanson

 Identical twin sisters Heather Kempskie and Lisa Hanson, who both lead successful child-related careers, are co-authors of the award-winning “The Siblings’ Busy Book: 200 fun activities for kids of different ages,” (Meadowbrook Press, 2008). 

Lisa has a Masters in Creative Arts in Learning and is a third grade teacher in Hopedale, Mass. Heather is the former editor of Parents and Kids, an-awarding winning monthly parenting publication serving the suburbs of greater Boston.

The entertaining duo has served as keynote speakers for numerous parenting groups throughout New England, sharing the joys and challenges of raising siblings, and offering parents powerful ways to help create harmony in their home. Constant companions – these women prove that sibling fun never ends! They both reside in Bellingham, Massachusetts with their husbands and children.

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Positive People Day

October 29th is Positive People Day, proclaimed by Boston Mayor, Thomas Menino in 1998. This “holiday from rudeness” began when Nancy Purbeck encountered a particularly nasty Boston cab driver. Partnering with Watts Bickers, co-creator of “Underdog,” Nancy set out to help people make the world a less hostile, violent place.

Nancy advises people to reach out to others with acts of kindness. It can be as simple as giving someone a smile or a hug. Call someone you love, give them a compliment, a “thank you,” or just a kind word.

For checklists and a poster you can download and hand out to friends and co-workers, go to

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